People Can Be Jerks – Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival
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People Can Be Jerks

People can be jerks.
When they are and how we handle it says more about us than it does about them.
If you need some words of encouragement today, this post is for you! 👇
🎥 On one of my live music videos, a man recently decided to comment "is that a guy singing and playing guitar?" referring to me. The video captured me in a short sleeve t-shirt and my "baby bicep guns" were definitely out. My hair was down and I had makeup clearly, this was a jab from a troll.
This post isn't a pity party, or me looking for words of encouragement to feel better. I'm totally comfortable in my own skin and his comment didn't get a second thought past deleting it.
👉 But, I'm sharing this information because it is sooooo easy to cave and start thinking badly about ourselves based on the comments of one moron. One ass hat who would rather try to ruin someone's day than spread joy and encouragement in the world.
📣 My words to you...just be you. No matter what anyone says. No matter how anyone tries to make you feel. Be confident. Be downright courageous in who you are and the things you want to achieve in this life. We only get one go at this. Surround yourself with people that are your tribe, pay no mind to the trolls, and make your life count.
Much love to you.
- Jennifer Lyn
And P.S...I'm still working out every day. 💪

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